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Mar 18, 2022

This one symptom, although quite distressing, can not help in identifying what it is that you are suffering from. This may be the case of someone who is suffering from a fever (or in the early stages of getting one) as well as someone who is having an anxiety attack. Some people tend to sweat and feel similar sensations when they are having a viral infection.  

And on top of all that, I can recall feeling exactly like that when I was suffering from covid 19, so you know? I suppose you get my point. All we know is that the hypothalamus of your body is dysfunctional but it doesn't lead to anything else. 


Sep 07, 2021

99% of Telegram Airdrops are scam. There's only 1% is real. This judgment is based my experience. According to my experience, I have been in crypto since 2017, I tried to join so many Airdrops and most of the Airdrop were through telegram bots and I got almost 1% . But some of them is real , you should do more research by checking their social media handles. You will find there more details!!

Jan 19, 2022

The greatest strength and the greatest weakness of humans are to be a social animal that makes most of its decisions by mimicry.

So it's quite easy to manipulate a person's decisions by giving them a sense of conformity.

A few years ago, there was a disabled homeless man waiting outside a store where I regularly shopped. Sometimes I pay for my purchases in cash and since I don't like having a change in my pockets (I find it cumbersome), I gave my change to the homeless when I left. I'm not really altruistic so I never do things out of charity but somehow he was doing me a favor by getting rid of my bulky change, so it was a form of retribution for service rendered.

What is interesting is that almost systematically, one of the people who went out behind me, reproduced the same behavior by giving their change, and sometimes I observed a sort of chain reaction where 4 to 5 people gave their change successively in an almost mechanical.

Similar experiments were conducted in New York as part of a study in behavioral psychology. It seems to me that Robert Cialdini talks about it in Influence and Manipulation. Here is the conclusion of these experiments: in a social environment, humans make most of their decisions by reproducing the behavior of their fellow human beings. When we are around other individuals, we tend to observe them unconsciously and imitate their behaviors.

I recently watched a report on Starbucks, and one of the company's marketers was explaining why the company allows customers to stay as long as they want in their cafes.

One of the reasons is that the customer who stays inside the café for hours behind his MacBook Pro is part of the decor and therefore of the image that the brand wants to give to passers-by.

Someone who passes by a Starbucks will often choose to stop there because they will see people who look like them inside. Unconsciously, he will decide to go for a coffee by identification with the people who are inside and by mimicry. Humans tend to imitate the behaviors of those who are like them.



Feb 17, 2022


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May 12, 2022


I think Time Because our lives on this planet are not everlasting, I believe that Value is Time. Everything else may be purchased, located, negotiated, conquered, domesticated, and so on.... No one, however, will be able to add a single day to your life after it is over. Because every second of your time on earth spent with someone is irreversible, time is the most valuable gift you can give.


May 14, 2022

I like your comment but the post you replied to is talking about crypto currency


Oct 13, 2021

Ostriches do not have the keel in their flat breastbones. keel anchors the strong pectoral muscles required for flight. Their wings cannot lift their heavy bodies off the ground. Their feathers are weak making them unable to fly.

But this bird has strong long legs it can run with a top speed of over 40 miles per hour.

 They rely on their ability to run or swim and have evolved from their flying ancestors.

Ostriches have got wings, they hold them out to help them balance when they run, especially when they suddenly change their directions.  

Birds like emu, cassowary, rhea, kiwi, and penguin have also got wings but they cant fly. 



Jan 11, 2022

It all depends on how long you spend there and how much water your shower has.

On average, we can say that the flow of a classic shower is around 10 to 20 liters per minute.

A 5-minute shower therefore takes between 50 to 100 liters.

I let you do the proportional according to the time of your shower.

If the secondary question is: how to reduce your water consumption in the shower, here are some tips:

The most obvious:

Spend less time under the double (take an hourglass, put an alarm clock, put on two songs of 3 and 2 minutes to control your time in a fun way, install a clock in your bathroom, etc.)

Turn off the water when soaping

Shampoo and shower gel at the same time to rinse only once

Tips with purchase:

Install a flow regulator, found in hardware stores. On the label will be indicated the flow that your shower will have in the following form: 5L / min

Install a mixer which makes the mixture hot and cold all at once and not in two valves or install a shower stop, which stops the water but keeps the heat (run to have the right temperature, once it passes, 2 or 3 times, it is preventable)

Tips that require more commitment:

Leaving a bucket in the shower, when the cold water is flowing, rather than draining it, put it in the bucket. This water can be used for: plants, flushing, etc.

Install a (rain) water collector, filter it, shower with it.

The little numbers to accompany:

93% of the drinking water that we receive at home is used for a use other than consumption (hygiene or pleasure), of which 59% for showers and toilets.

According to INSEE, on average the annual water budget of a French person is 296 euros. For more than 73,000 liters per year per person.


Jan 04, 2022


But for that, you must give up on diets or magic pills!

And apply the following tips:

First of all, sport.

You can read everywhere that sport is a valuable ally for good health. But it is both true and false.

Sport cannot create health where there is none. It's more of a way to maintain your body.

Let me explain :

Say you bought a car 10 years ago but left it in the garage. She has never driven.

And there, overnight, you decide to take a road trip of 1000 kilometres with this wreck.

What's going to happen?

The tires may be flat.

It may not start.

The oil level may not be correct.

You risk stalling at the first intersection.

Short. If you haven't maintained your car in the past 10 years, you won't get far.

It is the same with your body.

If your last workout was in high school, participating in physical activity can be counterproductive or even dangerous.

You risk hurting yourself and being locked in bed.

And that's not the point!

So, rather than playing sports, I advocate intentional movements. It's smarter and much more fun than a workout. Especially when you hate it!

Here is a small list:

 Dancing while cleaning.

 Go hiking on weekends.

 Park your car at the other end of the parking lot.

 Carry your shopping bags rather than using a cadis.

 Systematically take the stairs rather than the elevator.

 Use manual cookware rather than electric.

 Complete two or three runs (or any trip of fewer than 2 kilometres).

Simple, isn't it?

Later, you are free to take up a sport if you feel like it. But exercise alone will not help you lose weight or be healthy.

Here is the solution:

Food adapted to your situation.

For that, nothing like rebalancing food: it's simple and without frustration.

You don't count your calories.

You don't weigh your dishes.

We have fun.

By consuming mostly raw or normally processed foods, you will lose weight while improving your health.

Because ultimately, the foods that are "responsible" for being overweight are also those that deteriorate your health.


Dec 29, 2021

Elon Musk is a genius. It's obvious.

Like all geniuses, Elon Musk has a hard time interacting with others. His reactions and his attitudes are confusing because atypical.

He says things that amaze, confuse or shock.

It is the hallmark of a genius. Like any genius, Elon Musk has ambitions that go beyond what society considers possible.

When he says humans will be going to Mars in less than 10 years, everyone is looking at him with big eyes. He also believes in it as hard as iron. That's why we need people like Elon Musk.

He pushes the boundaries by allowing humanity to move forward in directions that many thoughts were impossible.

This is necessarily disturbing. Many will criticize his positions afterward, or his remarks.

I think he is doing this precisely to provoke strong reactions. It amuses him. He likes to disturb. It is in the personalities of many geniuses.


Jan 11, 2022

They say that freedom ends where that of others begins, but for me, freedom begins with the responsibility of one's word and ends when one is more able to assume it. 


It is not by chance that the word "child" derives from the Latin infants to designate the one who does not speak. There is a direct link between words and responsibility. The child does not know what he is saying, he is not aware of the scope of his words, he learns it over time and it is often during this dynamic that the gaze of others begins to count, that 'he no longer runs everywhere, etc.

The whole principle of freedom of expression consists in letting a person be able to say what he thinks, but there would be no point in muzzling him if it were only to get out of banalities or compliments. No, freedom if it allows good must necessarily allow evil, typically a negative criticism or even an insult. What else would a compliment be worth if we could only say that? Might as well be silent it would come to the same thing.


Freedom of expression must necessarily be respected, especially when we know that we simply cannot fully control it. Anyone can speak easily and even without the question of vocabulary, the language is very rich and allows innuendos in particular thanks to the tone, double meanings, irony.