Quick Introduction

Check out this short explainer video to better understand the concept of Answerly app.

Benefits of Answerly

Here are some of the main benefits of Answerly app.

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    You payments and withdrawals will always be saved on the Stellar Blockchain. Users will be able to view these transactions any time they want.

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    When posting answers, all users will try to be as accurate and detailed as possible so that they could claim their reward for the best answer.

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    Unlike many other projects, now the users can also make some side income for their efforts.
    In fact, if taken seriously, Answerly could become your primary source of income.



Incentives for the users:

In order to make this system work, we created 2 types on incentives for our users.

1. Points tokens: These tokens will be rewarded to the users who posts the best answers.The best answer will be selected depending upon the number of upvotes it has received from other users. In order to limit spam, we've disabled all Level 0 users from upvoting the answers. This feature automatically unlocks as soon as the users reach Level 1.

2. Reputation points: Now this is where it get interesting. Reputation points are can not really be withdrawn like Points tokens but they are useful for the users to upgrade their user level. As they upgrade their User Level, their rewards for the best answers will keep on increasing. Reputation points can be earned be performing different tasks such as, adding question, posting an answer, upvoting good answer, reporting spam etc.

  1. A user post's a question on Answerly. It could either be to increase his reputation points or to really find an answer to a query. As long as question is legit, he should be fine. However, please make sure that the question is unique. Re-asking a question that already exist on the platform, will be considered as spamming and it can lead to account suspension.
  2. Now, other users will try to answer that question to earn Points tokens. All users are encouraged to be as detailed as possible. Short and unexplained answers won't have any chance to be selected as the best answer. In order to provide extra references, you may also add images and embed videos on your answers. User will be given a limited number shots per day to post answers therefore try to as detailed ans accurate as possible. Quick tip: Avoid getting involved in every question you see. There will be tonnes on question on Answerly so your best bet is to only add answers on the topics that you really know about.
  3. Each question will have maximum 25 answers. Once the question has 25 answers, it will be locked and the best answer will be selected from those 25 answers. Similarly, all questions will be locked after 20 days even it doesn't have 25 answers yet.
  4. Now the users will try to upvote the best answers on various topics. Users will also be rewarded with reputation points for upvoting the answers.
  5. Once the question is locked, the upvotes and answers will be reviewed by answerly team. In most cases, answer with the highest number of upvotes will be selected as the best answer. However, if that user is found to be cheating the system to add fake upvotes on his answer, he will be permanently banned and his answer will be removed. In this case, the second best answer will be chosen as the best answer and will be rewarded with points tokens. However, if the none of the answers contains any detailed explanation, Answerly team will add a well explained answer themselves and will keep the reward for that question.
  6. Once the user has at least 50 points tokens in his wallet, he will be able to withdraw those tokens to any other wallet.



Points Network

Initial Supply

10,000,000 (10 Million)



Maximum Supply

255,000,000 (225 Million)




25 XLM/Points


Team tokens will not be used for at least 1 year.

Funds collected from ICO will be mainly used to list Points tokens on exchanges.

5% of the tokens allocated for marketing will be used in early Sep 2019 (right after the launch of desktop version).

Distribution of tokens


Sustainability Plan

In order to maintain the demand, price and supply of points tokens, we've created the Sustainability plan. According to the model, Answerly will never fall short of rewarding the users for their efforts on both Answerly app and the upcoming blogging platform. After every 4 million questions on Answerly, the rewards of the all user level will drop down by 50%. This will keep happening until there are 28 million questions on the platform. After that the rewards will remain constant.

# of Questions L0 - Reward L1 - Reward L2 - Reward L3 - Reward
1 - 4,000,000 1 Points 2.5 Points 5 Points 10 Points
4,000,001 - 8,000,000 0.5 Points 1.25 Points 2.5 Points 5 Points
8,000,001 - 12,000,000 0.25 Points 0.625 Points 1.25 Points 2.5 Points
12,000,001 - 16,000,000 0.125 Points 0.3125 Points 0.625 Points 1.25 Points
16,000,001 - 20,000,000 0.0625 Points 0.15625 Points 0.3125 Points 0.625 Points
20,000,001 - 24,000,000 0.03125 Points 0.078125 Points 0.15625 Points 0.3125 Points
24,000,001 - 28,000,000 0.015625 Points 0.0390625 Points 0.078125 Points 0.15625 Points
28,000,001 + 0.0078125 Points 0.01953125 Points 0.0390625 Points 0.078125 Points

Powered by a Team Team

Raza Rizvi
Founder & CEO
Syed Zain
Co Founder & CTO
Co Founder & CMO
Marketing Head

Our RoadMap RoadMap

Q3 2018

Concepts & Research

Q4 2018

Planning & Teaming

Q1 2019

Platform Design
Whitepaper Creation

Q2 2019

Html/Css Designs
Project Announcement
Exchange List

Q3 2019

Web Platform Launch
Blogging Platform Design

Q4 2019

Mobile App Launch

Q1 2020

500K Questions On Answerly
Wikipedia Page Creation
Blogging Platform Launch

Q2 2020

1 Million Questions On Answerly

Q4 2020

5 Million Questions On Answerly

Q1 2021

Ads Integration

Q2 2021

10 Million Questions On Answerly

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Crypto projects raise millions of dollars for a small time startups. However the startups don't usually require that much money. If we talk about Answerly, it will cost us around $12000 for designing, desktop website development, mobile app design, mobile app development, security, explainer videos etc. As for advertising, SEO, hiring and exchange listing, we'll require around $250,000 in the next 6-9 months. Therefore, we'll set a sell order of 100K points tokens on exchanges at 25 XLM each. As of May 2019, this will translate into roughly $250,000.

We've not yet decided any particular launch date. However, it seems like we should be ready to launch the fully functional web platform by mid August.

The biggest competitor of Answerly is Quora. However, Answerly could be huge if the users on competing platforms realize that they can easily make hundreds of dollars a month for contributing to Answerly instead.

Honestly, we don't really need advisors at this point. In fact we may not need them at all. In the crypto space, advisors usually charge around $50-100K for mentioning the projects with their social media followers. This actually seems like a waste of money when we can use this amount to cover other important expenses related to the platform.

Basically our aim is to increase the usability of Points token by building multiple platforms around it. Our upcoming blogging platform is scheduled to launch by the end of 2019. Since the same token is supposed to be used on multiple platforms, we though it might be a good idea to have a different name for the token.

Well, that wont happen. We've carefully planned a sustainability plan for Points tokens. Please refer back to the sustainability plan section.

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